BEAM helps in the communication and coordination of care for your loved one.


BEAM empowers you to keep your loved one safe and independent.

Technology with a Human Touch

When you are ready, our in-home wireless sensors and interactive prompters can supplement caregivers in situations such as: medication management, fall detection, elopement and respectfully monitoring your loved one 24/7. With a full BEAM system in your home, you can have the peace of mind that your loved one or client is safe and secure. Unlike other invasive techniques such as cameras, BEAM uses passive sensors to check for activities in the areas that matter most.

Customizable Systems

Each and every individual is different, and their system should match that individuality. BEAM systems offer the flexibility to aid individuals in nearly every situation.

Social Caregiving offers a platform to share pictures, post notes, and receive notifications.

Social and Custom Caregiving

Beam is like having an extra set of helping hands.

Caring for our loved one is not always easy. Your loved ones want to maximize their independence, without being a burden to others. Our evidence-based research has shown that natural supports can supplement caregivers to help individuals keep safe 24/7 – even when someone cannot be with them. This maximizes independence in a respectful way.

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